Solution for predicting and managing opportunities in Salesforce

In complex B2B sales, predicting the probability of success is accompanied by numerous cognitive biases. The gut feeling distorts the picture of the sales situation and leads to win rates that are regularly below 50%.CSO Insights. (2018). Sales Operations Optimization Study.

The Add-In for Salesforce is the first scientific solution for forecasting and managing opportunities in complex B2B sales. The unique combination of the psychometric questionnaire with the AI-based forecasting model achieves a hit rate of 82%. The gut feeling becomes transparent, and the solution optimizes the sales process at every sales stage.

Easy installation and initial setup

  • Completely anonymized data processing
  • Simple activation and deactivation of the plugin
  • User-defined product categories with industry classification
  • User-defined competitors
  • Security roles for controlling access rights
  • Multi-language support (DEU and ENG included)

The psychometric questionnaire

To predict the probability of success of opportunities, you need to know the relevant success factors for winning a deal.

The “Sales Forecast 4.0” study has been the first empirical research to identify these success factors and develop a short psychometric questionnaire for complex B2B sales.

  • The questionnaire takes about 3 to 5 minutes to answer.
  • The sales team rates the questions on a 5-point Likert scale
  • The success factors are measured reliably and validly

Keeping track with forecast details

With each response to the questionnaire, the salespersons get a realistic picture of the current sales situation.

Based on the rated success factors, the sales team can manage the sales process in a targeted manner. In addition, success factors provide an overview of the problem areas of each sales opportunity. The forecasting history shows where the probability of success increases, the sales process stagnates, or the deal might start to fail.

  • AI-PROG: Probability of success according to model
  • Rated success factors on a scale from 1 to 5
  • Checking the gut feeling for plausibility

Optimized sales process through simulation

With the help of simulation, you can change the relevant answers from the last prediction and recalculate the probability of success. These “What If scenarios” can be used to derive recommendations for action to close the deal faster.

  • Top 3 recommended actions to improve the probability of success
  • Benchmarking of the rated success factors
  • Simulation of the last prediction

Demonstration of prediction quality and hit rate

The solution uses ROC curves (Receiver Operating Characteristics) to evaluate the accuracy of predictions.

The area under the curve is a commonly accepted indicator of prediction quality. Comparing the gut feeling with the forecasting model shows the more accurate prediction quality. The difference between the two AUCs demonstrates the ROI of the solution.

  • Benchmarking of prediction quality and hit rate
  • Presentation of the prediction quality in comparison to gut feeling
  • Calculation of the optimal cut-off value

Discovering potential for improvement

The average of the rated success factors over several predictions is a reliable indicator of the performance in the particular sales phase.

By comparing these individual indicators with the company, or all companies, you can uncover potential for improvement.

  • Forecast statistics for success factors with drill-down to questionnaire level
  • Benchmarking of individual key performance indicators with the company

The advantages of the solution at a glance

  • The more accurate prediction of expected revenues gives executives more planning reliability.
  • Sales management can make the most of limited resources and gain more control over expected order income.
  • The sales team controls its sales activities based on objective success factors.
  • By measuring the success factors, the gut feeling becomes transparent and traceable.
  • The solution provides recommended actions to improve the probability of success
  • The solution optimizes the entire sales process and increases the win rate of your pipeline.

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